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COVID-19 Update

Posted Date: 09/23/2021

COVID-19 Update

Sept 23rd , 2021


Prue Community & Families:


In order to provide transparency to our families, we will be providing you with up-to-date confirmed positive COVID-19 case numbers within our school district every Thursday.  We feel that this will allow Parents/Guardians to stay informed and make the best decisions at the current time for their family.  This situation remains ever changing and frustrating for all involved.  Please continue to be diligent in screening your child before they come to school each day.  If they are showing symptoms, we ask that they remain at home. Please inform the school if you have a child within the district that tests positive for COVID-19.  This information is extremely important and helpful to the district when it comes to contact tracing.   With your help, we are optimistic that we can continue to educate our students in-person, which we believe is the most-effective learning atmosphere for students.


Number of Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases (As of Sept 23rd, 2021)


PreK-2nd Grades –   0 Cases

3rd-5th Grades -        0 Cases

6th-8th Grades -      0 Cases

High School -          1 Positive Case 

Staff -                         0 Cases




Craig Thurman